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Construction of Whitefriars College Multi Sports Courts

June 29, 2022

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Project:  Construction of Whitefriars College Multi Sports Courts – Donvale, VIC

Client: Raysett Constructions

Product: mastaGRID® GT 30/30

The Project

This project involved the construction of a sports pavilion at Whitefriars College, an independent secondary school in Donvale, Victoria. These multi sports courts, used for tennis and hockey, were designed to take advantage of the steep treed slope to implement amenities off the court level. 

The Challenge

The challenge with this landscape was the weak, reactive clay subgrade. A poor subgrade presents an issue due to the diminished load bearing capacity and lower resistance to deformation. 

Traditional methods of subgrade improvement generally require a substantially thick pavement and an imported fill. However, a thick pavement structure on top of a poor subgrade may not always be a sound solution, and excavation and replacement of a higher quality fill can be an expensive process. Our client was able to avoid this by using mastaGRID® GT 30/30. 

The Solution

mastaGRID® GT is a geocomposite made up of a biaxial geogrid, laminated to a non-woven geotextile. It is used in applications requiring separation, filtration and reinforcement as it can distribute load, reduce stress concentration on soil and decrease long term deformation. 

Using mastaGRID® GT 30/30 in this project, we were able to substantially reduce the capping fill required by reusing the in-situ clay capping material for pavement stabilisation. This resulted in huge time and cost savings for the customer by reducing the imported fill, decreasing the carbon footprint of the project, and the ease of installation ensured there were no project delays.

For more information on mastaGRID® GT call our team at Polyfabrics for personalised recommendations on your next project. 

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