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Simple Solution for Access Roads

June 6, 2019

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PROJECT: Recycled Water Integration Program
PRODUCT: E’Grid® 3030GT


Reinforcement for access roads against vehicular damage. Leading trenchless drilling contractor, UEA, needed to create two 50x50m hard pads and a 3.5x350m temporary access track for vacuum trucks and heavy contract vehicles at each of the project’s HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) section entry points.


Initially the client considered using a geotextile. However, given the relatively poor CBR, they realised  more reinforcement was needed to effectively spread the load. The compressed time-frame of the project also compelled them to consider ways in which they could more efficiently mobilise and demobilise the site.


E’GRID® 3030GT is a geocomposite, comprising of a polypropylene biaxial geogrid possessing an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 30kN/m in both directions bonded to a non-woven RMS R63 strength Class A geotextile. Based on ground conditions, predicted traffic and axle load modelling Polyfabrics produced a preliminary design concept (see Image 1) to illustrate the efficiency of the product in providing separation, filtration and re-enforcement.

Image 1 – Preliminary Design Concept

E’GRID® 3030GT also requires minimal subgrade preparation and can be placed directly on existing natural ground enabling rapid deployment and site set-up. E’GRID® 3030GT can also provide further benefits during demobilisation as the construction of the product assists with fill removal.

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