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Subgrade Improvement for Gold Coast Development

November 17, 2021

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Project snapshot

Hope Island is an upmarket residential location in the sheltered location of Sanctuary Cove, north of the Gold Coast. 

Highly sought after waterfront properties mean that land is at a premium, and local roads need to be built as close as possible to the water’s edge without affecting their long term performance. 

The challenges

For this project, a man-made sheltered quay area needed a working platform for pavement construction. 

Positioned on marine clay with reasonably low CBR, the area was exposed to moderate to high swell.  In addition, the subgrade was a mixture of sand and clay which was not suitable for pavement construction.

Additionally, the discovery of organic material within the previous earthworks construction led to the investigation of potential geosynthetic solutions. 

Our solution 

Polyfabrics worked with the contractor on a geosynthetic solution that could be installed on the cut subgrade to enable the successful construction of the working platform.

Our engineering team were able to demonstrate that using E’GRID 3030GT geogrid would not only support the pavement, it would also mean a more streamlined result. 

The use of E’GRID geogrid provides additional bridging support, thereby increasing the traffic benefit ratio. 

Plus, due to the reduced amount of fill required to achieve the same level of strength and reinforcement, the incorporation of geogrid into this project created an opportunity to reduce the pavement thickness.  

Find out more about how geogrid can improve your project

For further technical information on E’GRID 3030GT geogrid take a look at our geogrid specifications, or get in touch with our experienced team on 1300 287 484.

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