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TerraMat® PP5-Xtreme®St Georges Basin Golf Course NSW

August 10, 2021

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Project: St Georges Basin Golf Course
Location: NSW
product: TerraMat® PP5-Xtreme

Project Overview

St Georges Basin Golf Course on NSW’s south coast sits in a low lying area adjacent to the tidal regions of Sussex Inlet and Jervis Bay. The golf course management team required a geosynthetic erosion control solution for a stormwater overflow basin located on the site.


The stormwater overflow basin needed to be constructed with a long lifespan, preferably using a system that would not degrade in UV light. The basin would be protected against erosion using a vegetated slope, so a geosynthetic solution that could accommodate tube stock and planting whilst still maintaining its strength and shear resistance was a must.

The Solution

The team at Polyfabrics recommended TerraMat® PP5-Xtreme®, a three dimensional matrix weave erosion control mat that provides good mechanical tensile strength and robustness when installed. This reinforced mat can be used in conjunction with soil percussion anchors if required and provides ultra-high velocity and shear stress hydraulic resistance when fully vegetated.

Ideal for critical, high velocity and high shear stress water flows in channel and slope applications, when fully revegetated TerraMat® PP5-Xtreme® helps to slow down heavy rains and dissipate the energy of flowing water and wind. It also assists with holding soil and localised slumping in place on slopes to minimise erosion when encapsulated and anchored.

The patented matrix weave of TerraMat® PP5-Xtreme® is available in rolls up to 4.88 metres wide, making it ideal for large scale revegetation projects. It is UV stable and typically offers 50 years service life – even when fully exposed to the elements.

TerraMat® PP5-Xtreme® offers fast installation, making it quick and easy for contractors to plant tube stock, roll out turf or conduct seed revegetation once the mat is in place. Thanks to its patented 3D matrix, the mat will not unravel when it is cut or slit for tube stock planting. Plus, its low profile and weave construction result in less intrusion into the environment and less of an entrapment risk for local wildlife.

TerraMat® PP5-Xtreme® is an erosion control matting that can be successfully used on steeper slopes up to 70 degrees with the aid of soil percussion anchors. It can intercept potential shallow slip failure planes and hold slopes fast, maintaining slopes such as this stormwater basin for decades to come.

Polyfabrics TerraMat® PP5-Xtreme® is fully engineered using state-of-the-art test standards, full-scale field testing and flume testing. It is backed up by complimentary online software with a user-friendly interface that helps contractors design the best solution for their needs.

For further technical and sales assistance, please contact Polyfabrics on 1300 287 484.

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