Technical Blog

An informative blog on our mastaVAULT Mega Tree product, the benefits of soil vault systems and it’s specifications.
A great blog on what mastaTEX Concrete is, when to use it and how.
A great blog explaining what turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) are, how they work and what types of TRMs PFA has to offer.
The difference and purpose of Flocculants and Coagulants.
Let’s take a look at the differences between mastaTEX concrete and shotcrete, and which is the best solution for civil construction, landscaping and drainage applications.
An informative blog post on the types of silt fencing and the differences and uses for each.
An informative blog post on choosing the right Geogrid
There is a range of different geogrids available on the market, each suitable for different applications.
A informative blog post on understanding strength at strain in geosynthetics and how it could affect your project.
This blog post explains when and how to stabilise an embankment using biodegradable geosynthetics

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