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An informative blog post on choosing the right Geogrid
There is a range of different geogrids available on the market, each suitable for different applications.
A informative blog post on understanding strength at strain in geosynthetics and how it could affect your project.
This blog post explains when and how to stabilise an embankment using biodegradable geosynthetics
How to install TerraDrainⓇ for wall drainage applications
To make it easy for our customers to find the right geosynthetics, the Polyfabrics team has broken these specifications down with a cross-reference of which products are suitable for different applications.
In this article, we take a look at the two most common approaches to rehabilitating an embankment and how to determine which is right for your project.
This article provides guidance on how to install geogrids for pavement reinforcement, focusing on our E’GRIDⓇ and E’GRIDⓇ GT products which are typically used in pavement applications.
Flooding is an unavoidable natural occurrence. Although good design can go some way to improving the strength and durability of roads and embankments, there is often a significant amount of damage after flood events that can be rectified and managed with the use of geosynthetics.
For many landscaping and construction professionals, jute and coir are important products in their toolkit. However, understanding the differences between the two will ensure that every project uses the absolute best product for that specific purpose.

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