mastaTEX Concrete

mastatex concrete

mastaTEX Concrete - composite concrete geotextile

mastaTEX Concrete is a needle punched composite, consisting of concrete-sand mix, embedded and fixed between two layers of geo-textile. It is much faster and cheaper than conventional materials. Strict quality control of raw materials makes the finished product fail-proof.

It makes way for direct applications of a thin, regular protective layer of concrete, which may be used in various weather conditions. The fabric is fastened to an outer part with nails, which provides a solid water-resistant surface stabilisation, further braced thanks to internal reinforcing fibers.

Addition advantage of the mastaTEX Concrete System is the fact that there is no need to use special equipment to install it. It is much faster and cheaper than a conventional materials used in the lining of ditches, reservoirs, slopes banks and trenches.


    • “V” Drains
    • Embankment Lining
    • Spoon Drains
    • Erosion Control
    • Weed Suppression
    • Roads –Drains, Replacing Shotcrete, Erosion Control
    • Channel Lining & Pits Lining
    • Alternative & Cost Effective solution to Shotcreting
    • Enhancing existing concrete structures to in order avoid degradation
    • Embankment Lining
    • Bund Lining
    • Slope Stabilisation
    • Alternative to Grout & Revetment Mattress
    • Spillways
    • Trenches/Swale Drains Lining
    • Underground Wire Protection


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