E’DRAIN Drainage (Bi-Planar & Tri-Planar Geonet)

E'DRAIN (Bi-Planar & Tri-Planar Geonet)
E'DRAIN (Bi-Planar & Tri-Planar Geonet)

E'DRAIN - Geosynthetic Drainage

Bi-Planar & Tri-Planar Geonet

E’DRAIN (Bi-Planar and Tri-Planar Geonet) can be used, in conjunction with geotextiles, to replace traditional materials (e.g. sand, gravel) to provide drainage in landfill, subgrade and/or tunnel wall projects.

They are composed of extruded high-profile polymeric ribs crossing at an angle to create an integral net structure.

The E’DRAIN Range is manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001:2008

E’DRAIN Bi-Planar Geonet:

  • Made from high performance HDPE resin to resist compression and carbon black to give protection from UV degradation.
  • Chemical and Biological Resistance: Manufactured from high density polyethylene which is unaffected by all chemicals, including acids, alkalis and salts, normally found in soils. As it is not a nutrient, it is therefore unaffected by micro-organisms in soil.

E’DRAIN Tri-Planar Geonet:

  • Designed for directional flow especially down batters with high comprehensive strengths and enhanced flows by reducing geotextile impediment in the core.
  • Chemical and Biological Resistance: Similar properties to the Bi-Planar


  • Tunnels
  • Landfill leachate collection and leak detection
  • Roadway and pavement drainage
  • Underground concrete structures
  • Underground pipeline protection


E'DRAIN Factsheet
E’DRAIN Factsheet (i=1.0)
E'DRAIN Factsheet
E’DRAIN Factsheet (i=0.1)

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