TERRAM PW2 – Geocomposite Trackbed separator

Geocomposite Trackbed Separator - TERRAM PW2

TERRAM PW2 – Geocomposite Trackbed separator

TERRAM PW2 is a geocomposite product- a robust separator/filter incorporating a stiff geonet between two textile filter layers.

TERRAM geosynthetics provide solutions for permanent way applications where loss of rail track alignment caused by sub-grade erosion leads to costly maintenance and the complication caused by having to plan and temporarily close the track for its renewal.

TERRAM PW2 is manufactured using a HDPE geonet sandwiched between two layers of TERRAM PW1 geotextile to provide the necessary robustness when used with large angular soil particles.


A geosynthetic provides one or more of four functions when used in track-bed construction:

  • Separation to maintain the integrity of adjacent soil types i.e. prevent intermixing.
  • Filtration to prevent leaching of soil particles
  • Drainage to allow the free passage of water
  • Reinforcement to provide additional strength


The use of geosynthetics to reduce or replace traditional layers is now an accepted part of track-bed construction and renewals around the world. When correctly specified and installed, geotextiles and geogrids are proven to:

  • Enhance track performance
  • Significantly extend design life
  • Reduce the time required to renew a specific length of track (or allow more to be renewed in a fixed time)
  • Reduce overall material costs
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