TerraStop HS Woven Geotextile – High Strength Polyester

TerraStop HS Woven

High Strength Polyester Geotextile

TerraStop  HS Woven Geotextiles are manufactured from high-tenacity polyester (PET) yarns, knitted to form a structured matting. The high strength polyester fabrics range in strength from 100-1000 kN/m and are suitable for solving complex engineering problems. They are used to reinforce soils where extremely high tensile strength with low elongation is required.

Benefits of TerraStop HS Woven

  • Manufactured under ISO 9001
    The design factors stated are based on manufacturers independent research and testing.Product strength and stiffness are affected both by temperature and by rate or duration of loading. For these reasons it is important that standard methods of tensile testing are used, so that temperature and strain rate are defined.
  • International Standard BS EN ISO 10319:1996
    TerraStop HS Woven Geotextiles, quality control (QC) tensile testing is carried out using the method given in International Standard BS EN ISO 10319:1996. This is a wide width method with specimen width of 200mm. Strain rate is 20% per minute and test temperature is 20°C.

TerraStop HS Woven – Applications

TerraStop HS Woven is designed for Civil Engineering applications such as:

  • reinforcement of granular soils
  • embankment reinforcement
  • retaining structures
  • basal reinforcement
  • piling platforms
  • subgrade improvement