TerraStop Paving Fabric (Non-Woven Geotextile)

TerraStop Paving Fabric

Polyester Non Woven Continuous Filament Geotextile

TerraStop Paving Fabrics are designed for Australian conditions for the maintenance and repair of road surfaces such as spray sealing and asphalt resurfacing.

TerraStop Paving Fabrics TS-P1 and TS-P2 are made from polyester spun bonded continuous fibers, mechanically bonded by needle punching. All rolls come in continuous lengths up to 450m to minimise installation delays, with plastic cores to avoid collapse during storage and handling.

Installation is carried out using a purpose-built dispenser. It is designed as an attachment to a front-end loader/backhoe/multi-tyre roller or similar.

The dispenser is a steel frame which contains a free-turning roller and an adjustable rubber squeegee. The roller applies tension to the paving fabric while the squeegee forces the paving fabric into the tacky bitumen while minimising creases.

The roll can be placed to unwind either:
1. Clockwise – Feed paving fabric over roller and under squeegee.
2. Anti clockwise direction- Feed paving fabric directly under squeegee.
Additional tension on the paving fabric can be applied by tilting frame upwards so that roll is against the free rotating roller


  • Flexibility to conform to the surface
  • Isotropic properties to resist forces in all directions
  • Good absorption properties – forms a waterproof barrier when saturated with bitumen
  • High tear and puncture properties to resist damage from stone chips
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons present in bitumen
  • Melting temperatures of up to 265℃ to withstand the high temperatures of asphalts and tack coats


  • Road Crack Prevention & Extended Use

    Prevent surface cracks on roads and moisture penetration that can lead to collapse of road bases. TerraStop Paving Fabrics extend the life of old and new surfaces providing a waterproof, stress-relieving membrane that supports the road pavement.

  • Road Reconstruction with Cement-Treated Bases

    Prevent cement bases from cracking due to shrinkage, thermal effects and fatigue. The fabrics limit reflective cracking and waterproof the surface seal – reinforcing a stronger cement base.

  • Crack Prevention in Asphaltic Pavement Overlays

    TerraStop seals the existing pavement and reinforces the surface by preventing cracks in asphaltic pavement overlays.

  • Low Volume Roads

    TerraStop Paving Fabrics can be used on low volume roads and is a long term cost-effective stabilising solution.

Further Information

TerraStop Paving Fabric Factsheet