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Bodpave™ 85

Product Code: BPAVE85

Terram Bodpave™ 85, designed for grass or gravel filled surfaces, is a cost effective solution, creating a hardwearing, eco-friendly surface for pedestrian and vehicle trafficked areas.

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BODPAVE™ 85 is an interlocking cellular porous paving system for ground reinforcement which can be installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface. The design of BODPAVE™ 85 pavers allows them to positively interlock with each other and resist shear. Once filled, they provide a high level of load-bearing performance. They are laid on a free-draining base and can be filled with either gravel for immediate frequent/intensive use, or with a seeded sand/soil to establish a grassed surface for occasional consecutive use. Both options mean that the resulting pavement is porous and in sympathy with the environment.

The unique BODPAVE™ 85 design resists lateral movement whilst accommodating expansion and contraction, promotes surface traction and stability and encourages grass growth by protecting the roots.


  • Natural grass or gravel surface options
  • High load-bearing capacity up to 450t/m2
  • 92% open surface structure – SUDS source-control compliant
  • Can accommodate inclines up to 1:8 / 12% / 7° and localised gradient changes
  • No pinning required except on excessive gradients
  • Accelerated installation with 1m x 1m panels (four pre-connected pavers supplied as standard)
  • Environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing
  • Suitability for hot and cold climates due to expansion/contraction capability
  • Less wastage as pavers can be incrementally off-set connected to accommodate curves/ obstructions
  • Non-toxic and chemically inert to the chemicals naturally found in soils
  • Manufactured in the UK using recycled HDPE with additional UV stabilisation



  • Carparks
  • Aircraft taxiways & helipads
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • SUDS source control


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Meet the Team

Raymond Chow has been involved with the geosynthetics industry for over 15 years. Graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, Raymond specialiSes in retaining wall designs, soft ground improvement, channel and slope protection, and on-site storm water management.

Raymond has been on various technical committees addressing geosynthetics, including testing, specification and durability issues.

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