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Paving & Grass Protection

A range of solutions to reinforce, stabilise and protect grass and gravel surfaces. Demand has grown for soft, unpaved, permeable solutions that can be trafficked, reduce runoff and are more aesthetically pleasing than concrete and asphalt.

It is now possible to construct walkways, service roads and car parks which are not only pleasing to the eye but can also be discreet, retain their appearance and continue to perform when other non-engineered alternatives are worn and unattractive. The products in this range have been specifically developed with different traffic requirements in mind because the demand can vary from occasional pedestrians to heavily-loaded vehicles.


TurfProtecta – 2m x 30m

Terram TurfProtecta™ is an extruded polyethylene mesh. Available in two grades, standard and heavy to suit multiple applications. A lightweight polyethylene mesh, used to reinforce grassed areas.


TERRAM GrassProtecta

TERRAM GrassProtecta™ is a durable, heavy duty, slip resistant polyethylene grid. Used to reinforce and protect grassed surfaces that are prone to wear and rutting.


MastaHEX Permeable Paving System

The MastaHEX Permeable Paving System is a durable and sustainable solution for equine yards, rural and residential driveways and various outdoor spaces. Made from recycled high impact, co-polymer polypropylene, it can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -45°C to 100°C.


Bodpave™ 85

Terram Bodpave™ 85, designed for grass or gravel filled surfaces, is a cost effective solution, creating a hardwearing, eco-friendly surface for pedestrian and vehicle trafficked areas.

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