Lining Solutions

Landfill sites have been under-discussed for many years. While the containment of leachate and waste is paramount in our society today, the emphasis has been on recycling waste.

Due to clear restrictions and the enforcement of the Best Practice Environmental Management (BPEM) document and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), constructing these confinement systems correctly is vital. Historically, the containment layer of landfill sites utilised some form of natural clay resources however these materials are not readily available and geosynthetic alternatives are a must. Polyfabrics Australasia boasts an extensive range of geosynthetic products and industry partners that allow our team to consult and supply all products required across the layers of a landfill site. In conjunction with installation and maintenance proficiencies, our team can ensure you have the right materials for a successful project that meets all time, cost and quality targets.

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