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Flexiseal® HD Reinforced Bituminous Tape

Product Code: 1000021

Flexiseal HD bituminous tape is a self-adhesive membrane combining high performance rubberised bitumen with an integral robust, puncture and heat resistant polypropylene reinforcing woven.

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Flexiseal HD is a composite self-adhesive membrane incorporating high performance moisture and water resistant rubberised bitumen with an integral robust, puncture & heat resistant polypropylene reinforcing weave.

It is supplied in rolls intertwined with special release paper that protects the adhesive surface until ready for use and allows for easy handling during installation. The release paper is removed during installation. The membrane is self-adhesive and cold applied.

Flexiseal HD applications include:


As a waterproofing membrane in plazas, bridges, vehicular traffic structures and car parks overlaid with an Asphaltic Concrete (AC). It’s adaptable for either new construction or for repair applications.


Restoration of concrete pavements with AC overlays as a stress relieving membrane preventing reflection cracking over transverse and longitudinal joints in concrete and in treated sub-bases.

Features of Flexiseal HD include:

  • Woven reinforced: provides dimensional stability and resistance to damage
  • Rubber/Bitumen: self-adhesive, elastic compound provides bonding and transmission of braking forces to substrate, allows healing of small punctures
  • Flexible: easily applied. Conforms to changes in profile and accommodates shrinkage cracks up to 0.6mm
  • Cold applied: no heating plant or hot bitumen bedding adhesive required, self adhesive overlaps provide continuity
  • Release paper: protects the adhesive surface until ready to be used
  • Robust: accepts road paving machinery
  • Pre-formed: guaranteed thickness, not subject to site variation


  • The required concrete surfaces must be smooth in order to achieve proper adhesion.
  • Use a roller or airless spray gun to apply Flexiseal Primer to all concrete or masonry surfaces.
  • Ensure weather conditions are fair and above 5 °C, before applying as a waterproofing membrane.
  • Once applied, immediately place AC overlay.


  • Waterproofing
  • Restoration of concrete pavements


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Raymond has been on various technical committees addressing geosynthetics, including testing, specification and durability issues.

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