Silt Bag - Prefilled

SILTmasta Premium Silt Bag – Prefilled

Product Code: 30-SIBGPF

These SILTmasta Premium Silt Bags are prefilled with blue metal and are ideal for preventing sediment from entering drains. Made from heavy duty polypropylene mesh, they last up to 6 years outdoors. Size: 300mm x 800 – 1000mm. Flow rate: 23Lt/m2/min – measuring 0.5m – 0.7m long when filled

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Heavyweight UV Resistant with tie strap. Ideal for preventing sediment entering drains. Made from heavy duty polypropylene mesh to last up to 6 years outdoors. Prefilled with blue-metal.

Please note that sandbags pre-filled with sand are not available. Size: 300mm x 1000mm or 300mm x 800mm, Flow rate: 23Lt/m2/min.

Please note these pre filled sandbags are 800mm long in NSW and QLD, and 1 metre long in Victoria.


  • Size: 300mm x 1000mm (VIC) or 300mm x 800mm (NSW and QLD)
  • Flow rate: 23 litres per m2 per minute
  • Pre filled with blue metal
  • UV Resistant heavy duty polypropylene mesh
  • Comes with a tie strap
  • Lasts up to 6 years outdoors


  • Sediment Control
  • Erosion Control


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Meet the Team

Raymond Chow has been involved with the geosynthetics industry for over 15 years. Graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, Raymond specialiSes in retaining wall designs, soft ground improvement, channel and slope protection, and on-site storm water management.

Raymond has been on various technical committees addressing geosynthetics, including testing, specification and durability issues.

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