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TERRAM GrassProtecta

Product Code: GRSPRO14-2/20

TERRAM GrassProtecta™ is a durable, heavy duty, slip resistant polyethylene grid. Used to reinforce and protect grassed surfaces that are prone to wear and rutting.

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Grass & Ground reinforcement

TERRAM GrassProtecta is a heavy duty, thick, slip resistant polyethylene grid, specifically designed for grassed surfaces that are typically prone to wear and damage from cars, vans, trucks and heavy pedestrian applications in dry and wet weather. It reinforces and protects these surfaces which would otherwise result in a muddy surface incapable of withstanding vehicular or pedestrian applications.

TERRAM GrassProtecta grass reinforcement grid provides a high level of ground reinforcement – up to 8 tonnes per axle (imposed load). It is ideal for permanent or temporary applications, is a fast and cost effective installation compared to plastic paving grids, requires no excavation or soil removal necessarily required and provides up to 97% improved slip resistance compared to the standard grass protection meshes.

Benefits for grass & ground reinforcement

  • High level of reinforcement – up to 8t per static axle load on firm ground
  • Suitable for permanent applications
  • Can accommodate shallow slopes
  • Fast and cost-effective installation
  • No excavation or soil removal is normally required
  • 97% improved slip-resistance than standard mesh products

The standard (11mm) grade is suitable for:

  • Light-usage, overflow car parks and wheelchair (DDA) access routes
  • Golf-buggy paths
  • Heavily-pedestrianised paths

The standard (14mm) grade is suitable for:

  • Overflow car parks
  • Light-aircraft taxiways
  • Caravan sites and other holiday areas plus some equestrian surfaces
  • Verge stabilisation

All Options Available

GRSPRO11-1/10GrassProtecta 11mm 1.2kg 1m x 10m
GRSPRO11-2/20GrassProtecta 11mm 1.2kg 2m x 20m
GRSPRO14-2/20GrassProtecta 14mm 2kg 2m x 20m



  • Embankments
  • Landscaping
  • Golf Courses
  • Erosion Control
  • Channels


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Meet the Team

Raymond Chow has been involved with the geosynthetics industry for over 15 years. Graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, Raymond specialiSes in retaining wall designs, soft ground improvement, channel and slope protection, and on-site storm water management.

Raymond has been on various technical committees addressing geosynthetics, including testing, specification and durability issues.

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