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This webinar offers an introduction to Western Excelsior & North American Green HPTRMs - high performance erosion control mats

Webinar focuses on :

  • Geo Solution Overview
  • Introduction to High Performance Erosion Mats - Common Applications & Anchored System
  • Erosion Mat Technologu - its evolution
  • Tie-downs - Percussion anchors vs. pins
  • Full-scale Flume testing
  • Re-vegatation Establishment
  • Vegetation vs. Shear Resistance
  • Tensile Strength & Deformation
  • SLIDE Designs - slope stability designs
  • UV Resistance - tested for full exposure
  • Technical Supporting Docs - Useful Guidelines!
  • Design Software for Engineered Channels & Slopes(RUSLE approach)


  • 23:53 minutes

April 28, 2021

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