landscaping in built environments webinar

Landscaping in Built Environments

landscaping in built environments webinar

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Wednesday 26 May, 2021
1:00 pm Sydney Time
41 minutes

Polyfabrics technical engineer Paul Dessmann with guest Minon Desai hosts an informal training session on Landscaping in Built Environments.


  • 40:16 minutes

Key Learnings

  • mastaVAULT Tree Root Soil Solutions Overview
  • Why specify mastaVAULT?
  • Typical Applications of mastaVAULT modular sub-surface soil solutions
  • Budget price comparisons

Hosted By:

paul dessman profile picture

Paul Dessmann

Landscape Consultant - NSW & VIC

Paul is the Landscape Consultant at Polyfabrics. As an ex-Landscape project manager, he is passionate about helping other Landscape project managers solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

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