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Stormwater Management in Built Environments – Urban Stormwater Harvesting & Run-off

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Wednesday 27 March, 2024
1:00 pm Sydney Time
30 minutes

This webinar will explore the challenges and solutions in this critical area. We’ll delve into the importance of resilient urban design and how green infrastructure can help manage stormwater and mitigate heat stress. We’ll also showcase innovative solutions like the Polyfabrics MastaTANK system and its potential for a sustainable future.

Polyfabrics and Jaybro Group are at the forefront of addressing these challenges through their partnership. Polyfabrics specialises in providing geosynthetic solutions, including products for stormwater management. Meanwhile, Jaybro Group supports sustainable development in civil construction and infrastructure projects, aligning with efforts to build climate-resilient communities.

Join us for this insightful discussion and gain valuable knowledge about the future of stormwater management in Australia. Perfect for professionals involved in urban planning, infrastructure development, and environmental sustainability, as well as anyone interested in building climate-resilient communities. Register today!

Key Learnings

  • MastaTANK Stormwater Management Systems Overview
  • Why specify mastaTANKT™? The good and the bad!
  • Typical applications of mastaTANK™ Modular Sub-surface Stormwater Management Solutions
  • MastaTANK Linear Flush out and Maintenance – Features & Benefits

Hosted By:

ankit lumb profile picture

Ankit Lumb

National Technical Manager

Ankit is the National Technical Manager at Polyfabrics who is passionate about solutions and solving technical problems. An expert in his field with many years of experience.

Guest Speakers:

minon desai

Minon Desai

Manufacturing Design Consultant - Rainsmart Solutions

Minon has been in the field of stormwater management, green roofs and urban greening industry for over 30 years across Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.

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