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FreDrain® Strip Filter – 40mm x 200mm x 50m

Product Code: 30-SD200

A strip filter composite drain and collection solutions, consisting of a three dimensional, high-flow drainage core, wrapped with a non-woven filtration geotextile.

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FreDrain® Strip Filter – 40mm x 200mm x 50m is a composite drain and collection system consisting of a three-dimensional, high-flow drainage core that is wrapped with a non-woven filtration geotextile.

FreDrain® Strip Filter – 40mm x 200mm x 50m is designed to replace conventional sand or gravel-covered pipe drains by providing a far greater surface area for water to pass, resulting in faster more efficient drainage.

Available in 100mm, 200mm and 300mm depth, either 25 or 40mm thick and comes in 50m Rolls. A full range of fittings is available with the system for fast and easy installation.


The most important characteristic of any subsurface drainage system is its ability to collect drain water from the surrounding soil. Conventional pipe and stone systems have major limitations when compared to FreDrain® Strip Filter. The open area in FreDrain® Strip Filter (60%) far exceeds that of a perforated pipe (1.1%) and rigid strip filters (2.5%).

  • Lower installed cost – Combined installation and material cost is usually less than half of that for aggregate drains.
  • Easy to handle and install – Lightweight.
  • Reduces drainage system space requirements.
  • Strong and durable – Crush strength of core resists damage during installation
  • High flow capacity – Structure of core provides multiple channels for vertical and horizontal water flow. Geotextile filter fabric permits high volume of water into core while restraining soil.


  • Subsoil drains in roads, railways, sports field and building foundations.
  • Behind shotcrete walls, between concrete piles, tunnels and embankments.
  • Mining industry for slope drainage, dewatering tailings.


  • Trenching: Dig a 50-100mm wide trench using a standard trenching machine. The trench should be approximately 75mm deeper than the width of the FreDrain® Strip Filter used.
  • Installation: Place the FreDrain® Strip Filter in the trench to fit against the side of the trench and at the bottom of the trench. Backfill trench with coarse sand or fine gravel to avoid settlement.
  • Joining: FreDrain® Strip Filter can be joined together by one of the following methods:
    A. Splice the joint by folding back the filter fabrics approximately 100mm from the ends of the rolls to be connected. Interlocking 2-3 rows of core dimples and fold the fabric back over the connection. Secure the splice connection with duct tape.
    B. Couplers are available for FreDrain® Strip Filter. Slide one end of the drain into each side of the connector. Secure fitting to FreDrain® Strip Filter using duct tape.
  • Tee Connectors: FreDrain® Strip Filter can be installed with branch lines to cover larger surface areas. Tee connectors are used to join straight and branch lines of strip drain together. Place the end section of each branch line 50mm into the tee connector and secure it with duct tape. Use the stop guidelines on the fitting to ensure the drain inside the connector maintains an open area for water flow.
  • Outlet Connectors: Outlet connections are used to transition the collected water from the FreDrain® to a 100mm PVC or corrugated HDPE pipe.
    A. End outlets are available for 300mm FreDrain® Strips. Also available universal end outlets can be used for all FreDrain® widths.
    B. Universal tee outlets can be used with for all FreDrain® widths.
    C. Side outlets are available for 300mm FreDrain® Strips. Also available are universal side outlets to be used for all FreDrain® widths

All Options Available

SD25100FreDrain® Strip Filter – 25mm x 100mm x 50m
SD25200FreDrain® Strip Filter – 25mm x 200mm x 50m
SD25300FreDrain® Strip Filter – 25mm x 300mm x 50m
30-SD100FreDrain® Strip Filter – 40mm x 100mm x 50m
30-SD200FreDrain® Strip Filter – 40mm x 200mm x 50m
30-SD300FreDrain® Strip Filter – 40mm x 300mm x 50m



  • Subsoil Drains
  • Behind Shotcrete Walls
  • Embankments
  • Slope Drainage
  • Dewatering Tailings


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Raymond Chow has been involved with the geosynthetics industry for over 15 years. Graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, Raymond specialiSes in retaining wall designs, soft ground improvement, channel and slope protection, and on-site storm water management.

Raymond has been on various technical committees addressing geosynthetics, including testing, specification and durability issues.

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