Mastavault Mega Tree

mastaVAULT® Mega Tree – 600x600x690mm

Product Code: MV2-DOUBLE

mastaVAULT Mega Tree modular units provide trees and plants in development environments the nourishment they need to grow by providing un-compacted soil within the structure for free root growth

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mastaVAULT MegaTree are modular units that assemble to form a skeletal matrix that supports relevant pavement loads while providing large volumes of un-compacted soil within the structure for free root growth.

The open, skeletal matrix provides a maximum growth zone for tree roots. More than 95% of the Internal Void volume is available for un-compacted soil and root growth.

Traditionally rock and soil mix use to provide support for pavement, while permitting some root growth within the pavement. mastaVAULT MegaTree System have moved this principle forwarded by entirely replacing the rock (80% of the total volume), the engineered modules provide the structural strength for pavement loads whilst providing free un-compacted soil for root zone to grow and trees to flourish in an urban environment.

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MV2-SINGLEmastaVAULT® Mega Tree – 600x600x360mm
MV2-DOUBLEmastaVAULT® Mega Tree – 600x600x690mm



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Meet the Team

Raymond Chow has been involved with the geosynthetics industry for over 15 years. Graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney, Raymond specialiSes in retaining wall designs, soft ground improvement, channel and slope protection, and on-site storm water management.

Raymond has been on various technical committees addressing geosynthetics, including testing, specification and durability issues.

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