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TerraStop® Silt Curtain – Type 2

Product Code: 30-SICRT2-2-25

TerraStop® Silt Curtain – Type 2 (2m x 25m) TerraStop Silt Curtains, also known as Sediment Curtains, Floatation Curtains or Turbidity Curtains are designed to control sediment, algae or debris movement in waterways. Deployed during civil works in or next to waterways to control silt and sediment into the waterway. The purpose of silt curtains is to control silt and sediment in Water facilitate the ease of localised settling. Designed to create a controlled area of containment so that settling can occur.

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TerraStop® Silt Curtain – Type 2 (2m x 25m), also known as Turbidity Curtains are floating filters designed to control the migration of silt and debris and in most cases, a containment boom for spills on water. They consist of a floating boom and a curtain that sits beneath the surface of the water.

The curtain is weighted down with a chain ballast, so it sits vertical in the water and is usually made of a geotextile, woven or non-woven material. It’s important to contain silt and debris so it has no impact on nearby aquatic systems.

Silt Curtain types

Silt curtains are available in Type 1 and 2 and Engineered Curtains with different length curtains depending on the application. Various sizes, flotation and ballast are also dependant on the intended use of the Silt Curtain. Depending on the tidal influence and wind conditions, various anchoring techniques are available.

Type 1 Silt Curtain

designed to prevent and contain silt and debris contamination of waterways from man-made or natural erosion. Australian-made and cost-effective, they are suitable for use in calm sheltered and inland waters – lakes, rivers and estuaries.


  • Install mooring points after determining location of shore mooring.
  • Appropriate moorings such as deadman anchors, posts or precast blocks can be used depending on the ultimate curtain loading.
  • Flotation curtain comes fully assembled with floats and ballast ready for launching.
  • Unfold and place Flotation Curtain Panel near deployment or suitable flat area.
  • Completed Flotation Curtain has Float Pocket, Skirt and Ballast Pocket concertinaed together and secured with tie rope or cables. This provide least resistance during deployment.
  • Deploy curtain and secure at pre determined anchor and mooring points.
  • Cut tie cables or ropes to allow the skirt and ballast pocket to sink.
  • Secure curtain ends utilising the top webbing and continuous ballast chain.

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30-SICRT1-2-25TerraStop® Silt Curtain – Type 1
30-SICRT2-2-25TerraStop® Silt Curtain – Type 2



  • Spillways & Waterways
  • Lakes & Rivers
  • Harbours
  • Open Waters
  • Ocean


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