asphalt reinforcement using geogrids
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Reinforce your asphalt with Geogrids: Cost-effective solution for longer-lasting roads, driveways, and parking lots

asphalt reinforcement using geogrids

Asphalt is a popular material used in constructing roads, driveways and parking lots. However, over time, the asphalt can crack and become damaged, leading to costly repairs and maintenance. To prevent this, many contractors and engineers are turning to asphalt reinforcement using geogrids.

Geogrids are synthetic materials used to reinforce the soil and improve the stability of construction projects. When used in asphalt overlays, geogrids help to distribute the load more evenly and reduce the risk of cracking and damage. This results in longer-lasting asphalt with less need for maintenance and repair.

There are several types of geogrids available on the market, including polyester, polypropylene and glass fibre. The type of geogrid used will depend on the specific requirements of the construction project. For example, polyester geogrids are ideal for high-load applications, while polypropylene geogrids are more flexible and are ideal for projects that require more movement.

One of the key benefits of using geogrids in asphalt reinforcement is that they are cost-effective. By improving the stability and longevity of the asphalt, contractors and property owners can save money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs and maintenance. Additionally, the use of geogrids can also help to improve the driving experience by providing a smoother and more stable surface.

Geogrids are also easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They are laid down on the subgrade before the asphalt is added, ensuring that the geogrid is in place before any heavy loads are placed on the surface. This reduces the risk of damage and cracking and ensures that the asphalt overlay will last longer.

One solution on the market is Polyfabrics TerraGrid Glass100/100C, a high-quality asphalt reinforcement product that combines a high modulus fibre-glass geogrid with a lightweight spun-bonded non-woven geotextile (also available in plain fibre-glass geogrid). This product is coated with bitumen to strengthen the bond with the asphalt layers. This increases the tensile strength and reduces tensile stress peaks, resulting in fewer cracks and damage to the overlay. The product is also designed to have similar thermal expansion properties to asphalt, which further reduces the risk of reflective cracking.

Another advantage of TerraGrid Glass100/100C is its longevity. The increased tensile strength and reduction of cracks means that the overlay has a longer service life and requires less maintenance. This can save contractors and property owners significant amounts of money in the long run. The product is also manufactured to the highest standards, in accordance with ISO 9001, ensuring that customers receive a high-quality product.

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