installation of Terragrid HSG
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Exploring the Future of Soil Reinforcement: TerraGrid® High Strength Geogrid (HSG)

installation of Terragrid HSG

In the field of civil engineering, where material integrity is critical, TerraGrid® HSG emerges as a greener option with a lower carbon footprint. It stands out as a technically compliant (NSW RMS/Qld TMR/VicRoads compliant) and economically efficient solution compared to conventional methods like excavate, replace, and compact select fill geotechnical solutions.

Engineered from high-tenacity polyester (PET) yarns, these structured grids are meticulously designed to provide robust reinforcement for a variety of applications, which include:

  • Granular Soil Reinforcement Working Platforms: Enhances the stability and load-bearing capacity of soft, weak clay soil foundations.
  • Embankment Support: Provides essential basal reinforcement to prevent rotational slip failure and improve global stability.
  • Retaining Structures and Slopes: Distributes loads effectively to ensure the stability of retaining walls and reinforced slope structures.
  • Piling and Crane Platforms: Creates a stable working platform crucial for piling and crane operations on soft, deep, weak foundations, improving the operational safety of piling rigs and cranes.
  • Subgrade Improvement: Improves weak, soft, clay subgrade conditions to support heavy traffic loads and enhance overall performance for temporary and permanent flexible roads.

Introducing TerraGrid® HSG

Revolutionising soil reinforcement, TerraGrid® High Strength Geogrid (HSG) is a high-tenacity PET solution designed to meet the most demanding technical applications. For added functionality, an optional 150gsm nonwoven geotextile can be bonded on one side.

TerraGrid® HSG is ideal for:

  • Reinforcing granular soils
  • Supporting embankments on soft, weak clay foundations
  • Stabilising retaining walls and slopes with a wrap-around facing
  • Base reinforcement on soft, weak clay foundations
  • Creating working platforms using select granular backfill
  • Improving clay subgrade conditions with optional separation geotextile, ideal when the saturated ground CBR is less than 3%.

With its innovative design and exceptional performance, TerraGrid® HSG sets a new standard in soil reinforcement.

Terragrid HSG installation
installation of Terragrid HSG
Terragrid HSG bonded with non woven geotextile
non woven geotextile bonded with Terragrid HSG

Testing and Quality Control

To guarantee the highest standards of quality and reliability, TerraGrid® HSG undergoes rigorous independent testing for creep and tensile testing as per the International Standard ISO10319. It also complies with the local road authority soil reinforcement Standards as per NSW RMS R67 & Qld TMR MRTS 100.

Why Choose TerraGrid® HSG?

The structured grid formation of TerraGrid® HSG products, combined with their high-strength PET yarn construction, delivers unmatched performance in reinforcement applications. This makes TerraGrid® HSG an ideal choice for engineers seeking to enhance the structural integrity of their projects.

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