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TerraStop Silt Fence Grades Explained

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What is silt fence and which type do I need? 

Silt escaping from construction sites can be a major source of stormwater pollution, causing serious harm to the environment. Anyone responsible for a construction project who doesn’t comply with environmental control regulations can be issued with an on-the-spot fine, so installing sediment fencing is an important part of setting up a responsible site. 

Silt fencing is a temporary sediment barrier made from woven polypropylene mesh. It is used on construction, landscaping and demolition sites to intercept and retain sediment before it leaves the site and enters waterways or other sensitive environmental areas. 

Embedded into the ground and supported using timber stakes, it allows effective drainage whilst filtering silt and sediment and keeping potential pollution contained. 

Silt fences are used in and around: 

  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Landscaping projects 
  • Earthworks and civil engineering projects
  • Around streams and waterways
  • Anywhere silt is likely to drain

There are several types of silt fences available from Polyfabrics – let’s take a look at the grades of silt fences and how they differ. 

Types of Silt Fencing

TerraStop Silt Fence Premium

The TerraStop Premium Silt Fence is used to surround building sites and stockpiles to prevent soil from moving off-site contaminating the surrounding areas and stormwater system.

It can be used during earthworks and construction activities for either domestic or civil engineering projects, and each roll measures 750mm x 100m. 

TerraStop Silt Fence Standard

Standard silt fencing is a mid-range type of fencing, affordably priced but still of good quality. Measuring 850mm x 100m rolls, this sediment control fencing helps manage perimeter and drainage run off.

TerraStop Silt Fence also eliminates the need for a wire mesh support, making it faster to install. Instead, it is supported by hardwood stakes or star pickets and will prevent soil from moving off-site and potentially contaminating the surrounding areas and stormwater system. 

View the silt fence specification sheet for Standard silt fencing.

TerraStop Silt Fence Economy

Manufactured from UV-resistant polypropylene, this cheap silt fencing reduces soil sediment run-off from building sites. The TerraStop Silt Fence Economy allows water to filter through the fabric while suspending soil particles that settle on the ground.

The economy version measures 770mm x 100m and is a budget-friendly alternative to the standard or premium versions. 

Buy silt fencing from Polyfabrics

These silt control fencing products ensure your worksite is compliant with strict environmental sediment control regulations. They help protect the natural surrounding areas during the course of the project and prevent stormwater contamination. 

Shop for silt fencing at Polyfabrics or contact our team for advice and support on erosion control products. 

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