Basement Excavation & Construction for Multi-Level Residential Apartment

Basement Excavation and Construction for Multi-Level Residential Apartment

Location: Fairfield NSW
Client: Budget Demolition
Product: FreDrain®


The basement of this multi-level residential apartment in Fairfield NSW was constructed in a flat geographic environment subject to high levels of ground water. The project was specified to have strip drains between every shotcrete-lined pile.


To supply a cost-effective solution for strip filters that meets both the discharge flow rate and infiltration flow rate, to avoid hydrostatic water pressure behind the shotcrete.

SOLUTION – FreDrain®

FreDrain® has a high open pore space that allows rapid inflow of water with sufficient flow rate down to the discharge point, avoiding build up of hydrostatic water pressure.

Its high inflow capacity significantly lowers costs compared to low inflow “rigid” strip filters that require greater width for similar inflow capacity.

Light and flexible, FreDrain® also allows easy tight installation against surfaces, reducing the volume and cost of shotcrete.


The works were completed on time and are performing to project requirements.

FreDrain Strip Filter - HDPE Drainage Strip Filter
FreDrain® Strip Filter - HDPE Drainage Strip Filter

FreDrain® Strip Filter

Prefabricated HDPE Drainage Strip Filter

FreDrain® Strip Filter is a composite drain and collection system consisting of a three dimensional, high-flow drainage core which is wrapped with a non-woven filtration geotextile. It is designed to replace a conventional sand or gravel covered pipe drain by providing a far greater surface area for water to pass, resulting in faster more efficient drainage.

Advantages include:

  • Lower combined installation and material cost (usually less than half ) than aggregate drains
  • Reduces drainage system space requirements
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install
  • Strong and durable with high flow capacity

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