Strengthening infrastructure resilience with Geotextile laminated Terragrid
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Strengthening infrastructure resilience with Geotextile laminated TerraGrid®

Strengthening infrastructure resilience with Geotextile laminated Terragrid

The Project

In the aftermath of the devastating 2021 floods that swept through the Hawkesbury River region, the Greens Road infrastructure was severely affected. The road was washed away, leading to limited access for residents and the closure of the road to through traffic. Urgent measures were required to restore connectivity and ensure the safety of the affected area.


One of the critical challenges faced by the contractor, Delaney Civil Pty Ltd, was the presence of soft spots in the select fill used to replace the washed-away subgrade during the emergency works. These soft spots posed a risk to the stability and longevity of the road. To keep the project on track and ensure the timely completion of the roadworks, a high-strength reinforcement solution was needed to stabilise and reinforce the subbase DGB (dense graded base) over these weak areas.

Our Solution

At Polyfabrics, we recognised the urgency and technical requirements of the project. Our geotextile laminated TerraGrid®, specifically the 100kN x 100kN biaxial geogrid, emerged as the ideal solution to address the challenge at hand. This high-strength geogrid offered the necessary reinforcement and stability to overcome the soft spots and ensure the durability of the road infrastructure.

One of the key advantages of our solution was its immediate availability. With our extensive stock of geotextile laminated TerraGrid®, we were able to supply the required quantity for same-day delivery, eliminating any delays in the project timeline. This efficient and prompt service allowed the contractor to continue with the pavement works without compromising on quality or safety.

The implementation of TerraGrid® successfully stabilised the DGB over the soft spots, bolstering the subbase and ensuring the longevity of the road. The high strength and performance characteristics of our geogrid provided the necessary structural support, mitigating the risks associated with the weak areas.

Contact our team today to learn more about our high-quality geosynthetic solutions and how we can assist you in overcoming your infrastructure challenges. Together, we can strengthen the resilience of your projects while ensuring the safety and connectivity of communities.

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