Seedmat for slope stability for a horse ranch
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Horse Ranch – Slope stability and erosion control with SeedMat TRM

Seedmat for slope stability for a horse ranch

The Project

Polyfabrics was recently approached by a contractor about a project they wanted to carry out at their horse ranch. This project involved addressing slope stability and erosion issues on a steep hillside. The goal was to prevent slippage and erosion, ultimately ensuring the safety of the ranch and its occupants. The initial design specified the use of an MSE retaining wall, which would require significant labour and geosynthetics, resulting in costs exceeding $50,000.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by the contractor was to find a cost-effective solution that would deliver the desired slope stability and erosion control without compromising safety. The existing design’s high cost and labour requirements made it necessary to explore alternative approaches that would minimise expenses while maintaining effectiveness.

Our Solution

After careful examination and discussions with the contractor, we suggested an alternate solution that leveraged the available space. Rather than constructing an MSE retaining wall, we suggested to lengthen the slope, reducing its steepness, and eliminating the need for a costly structural solution.

To control erosion concerns in the short and long-term, our SeedMat Turf Reinforcing Mat was recommended for installation on the slope. SeedMat is a fully synthetic Turf Reinforcing Mat (TRM) that will never rot away and can be relied on to still work in 25 or 50 years. The total cost, including the SeedMat TRM and installation was under $5000. This represented a significant cost saving compared to the initial MSE retaining wall design which would have exceeded $50,000. If you want to learn more about this project, the products used or discuss alternatives for your project, please contact Polyfabrics’ team of experts on 1300 287 484 or email them at

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