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Geosynthetics: The key to rehabilitation of flood damaged roads and infrastructure

Geocell application

The recent flood events across the eastern seaboard of Australia have put significant pressure on critical roads and transport infrastructure. 

In NSW alone the damage bill tops $1.4 billion, with over 160 landslips, 100 damaged bridges and 50,000 potholes reported in an article published by Infrastructure Magazine. 

On state roads across Sydney, almost 330,000 square metres of asphalt have been repaired, with similar large-scale works taking place in South East Queensland after sustained heavy rainfall in early 2022. 

QLD TMR reports that flooding caused significant road damage in 22 local government areas across South East QLD, including numerous major landslips, widespread pavement damage and scouring around bridges and culverts.

All parties involved in this urgent repair and rehabilitation work across the country are working hard to remediate transport infrastructure and restore highways, roads, rail lines and bridges back to their original condition, fast. 

Ultimately, this work would not be possible without flood remediation geotextiles providing the necessary reinforcement, separation, filtration and erosion control to ensure repairs remain strong and resilient in the face of potential future rainfall events.  

Polyfabrics: Supporting Contractors and Councils 

The Polyfabrics team works with road authorities, local Councils and construction contractors throughout Australia to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions for all types of flood rehabilitation projects. Our geosynthetic products meet stringent engineering specifications and deliver long-term performance and minimal maintenance, even in challenging conditions. 

Throughout Australia, we have assisted with fast, cost-effective supply of geotextiles to countless projects, helping local councils, construction contractors and landscaping professionals to get flood remediation projects completed on time and on budget.  

Recent Flood Remediation Projects

Eroweb Cellular Confinement for Landslide Remediation, NSW

A road in the Shoalhaven town of Wattamolla was affected by slope instability which triggered a landslide, cutting off access for local residents. 

Our EroWeb geocells provided the necessary cellular confinement technique and were chosen as the most efficient and economically viable solution. Read more about this flood remediation project here. 

Flexible gabions fix flood-affected Brisbane boardwalk

A pedestrian boardwalk owned by Logan City Council was severely undermined in the recent floods, exposing the concrete piers and putting the surrounding bank at risk of further erosion. 

Polyfabrics was able to assist with Fastrock Flexible Gabions, a perfect solution for the steep, difficult site. Find out more about gabions for erosion control.

Get advice, support and fast delivery of geosynthetics

The Polyfabrics team is here to help you rehabilitate roads, pathways and other critical transport infrastructure in the wake of the 2022 floods. Contact our engineering team for assistance selecting the right product for your project. 

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