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Polyfabrics Partners with Fulton Hogan on Walkerston Bypass Project

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Building a Highway for the Future

Polyfabrics was proud to partner with the Fulton Hogan on the Walkerston Bypass project, a critical infrastructure initiative aimed at improving connectivity and transportation efficiency in the state.

This $191.4 million project involved constructing a new 2-lane rural highway connecting Peak Downs Highway to the Mackay Ring Road, specifically designed to accommodate heavy vehicle traffic.

Queensland’s Terrain Test: Engineering for a Harsh Environment

Queensland’s landscape presents significant hurdles for infrastructure projects due to its varied terrain and subtropical climate. Heavy rainfall, flooding, unpredictable soil conditions, and coastal vulnerabilities demanded solutions capable of enduring these environmental pressures while ensuring the longevity and resilience of the vital transportation infrastructure.

Building Blocks of Success: The Products that helped fortify the Walkerston Bypass

Polyfabrics addressed these challenges by providing two innovative product solutions that addressed water drainage, soil stabilisation, waterproofing, and overall durability to meet the project’s stringent requirements.

TerraDrain® Sheet Drain

TerraDrain® sheet drain is a prefabricated dimpled plastic sheet that provides effective drainage and waterproof membrane protection on foundation walls and other underground structures.

The TerraDrain® TD18 sheet drain provided exceptional benefits including:

  • Water Management: Efficiently redirected excess water away from bridge abutments, a critical function during Queensland’s wet seasons, mitigating water-related damage.
  • Soil Stabilisation: Played a vital role in stabilising the soil surrounding bridge abutments, reducing the risk of settlement and ensuring long-term stability, particularly in areas prone to soil movement and subsidence.
  • Waterproofing and Protection: Functioned as a protective barrier, offering crucial waterproof membrane protection against moisture exposure, prevalent in Queensland’s environment, thereby preventing corrosion and deterioration.
  • Durability and Resilience: Robust construction and resistance to environmental factors ensured long-term performance against Queensland’s harsh climate, contributing significantly to the infrastructure’s overall durability.
  • Ease of Installation and Cost-effectiveness: The prefabricated design of TerraDrain® streamlined installation processes, resulting in reduced labour costs and shorter construction timelines, making it an attractive and cost-effective choice for infrastructure projects in Queensland.

FreDrain® Ultra

FreDrain® Ultra strip filter is a composite cuspated drain consisting of a three dimensional, high-flow drainage core which is wrapped with a non-woven filtration geotextile.

The FreDrain® strip filter offered several key benefits including:

  • Water Collection and Filtration: Facilitated efficient water collection, prevented soil intrusion, and maintained hydraulic conductivity within the drainage systems. It also filtered out soil particles, enhancing drainage efficiency and extending the system’s lifespan for long-term performance in various soil and environmental conditions.

Mission Accomplished: Polyfabrics Delivers on Promises

Polyfabrics’ innovative solutions played a vital role in the successful construction of the Walkerston Bypass. The TerraDrain® and FreDrain® ULTRA products effectively addressed water drainage, soil stabilisation, waterproofing, and overall durability, ensuring the resilience and longevity of this critical transportation infrastructure in Queensland’s challenging environment. 

These solutions not only met the project’s requirements but also set a benchmark for future infrastructure projects in Queensland, highlighting Polyfabrics’ unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability in civil engineering solutions.

Ready to discuss how Polyfabrics can help your next project thrive? 

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