Aerial View for Wandanna Gully
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Wandana Gully Drainage Reserve Upgrade

Aerial View for Wandanna Gully

The Project

The Wandana Gully Upgrade, located in Highton, Geelong, VIC, was a significant undertaking aiming to enhance the functionality and safety of the Wandana Gully Drainage Reserve. The project, led by Balance Enviro as the Stage 1 contractors, encompassed a comprehensive development plan to create a shared community space while addressing environmental concerns and ensuring the protection of the Barwon River from the adverse effects of urban stormwater runoff. Balance Enviro also contributed valuable visual assets, including images and video, capturing the project’s progress and impact.

The Challenge

A major challenge in this project was the requirement for permanent steep batter stabilisation and temporary erosion control. The site featured various steep embankments with slope angles ranging from 1:1 to 1:2, which were prone to washouts and erosion, particularly during heavy stormwater or weather events. In addition to stabilising these embankments, the project also demanded shrub and tree protection during their establishment phase. This included safeguarding the newly planted tube stock in ponds and wetlands from environmental elements and local wildlife, as well as implementing measures for weed control and suppression to curb surface erosion and weed growth.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, Balance Enviro utilised an array of products and expertise provided by Polyfabrics. The solution involved the use of 5000m2 of Polyfabrics Eroweb 150mm HDPE geocell, across six different embankments. This application ensured permanent stabilisation of the embankments, with the design team providing crucial assistance in sliding force and anchorage calculations.

Additionally, 300mm Coir logs and Tecmat Coir Mesh 7 erosion control mats were deployed on top of the Eroweb geocells, which were infilled with soil to facilitate vegetation growth and prevent surface erosion during heavy rains. For gentler slopes and wetland areas, Tecmat Jute 750gsm erosion control blanket with pre-slitted 6-slits/sqm density was used, facilitating tube stock planting and offering effective weed suppression and erosion control.

Furthermore, Geomasta 450mm x 200m coreflute Tree guards were instrumental in aiding the establishment of shrubs by protecting them from early weather exposure and wildlife.

The Result

The upgrade of Wandana Gully Drainage Reserve by the City of Greater Geelong, with Balance Enviro as the Stage 1 contractor, resulted in the creation of a shared, safe community space, significantly contributing to the protection of the Barwon River from urban stormwater runoff. The project saw the planting of 52,000 trees, grasses, and shrubs, and the development of walking trails and open spaces, fostering a vibrant community area and preserving local biodiversity.

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