final installation echuca project
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Echuca Stormwater Detention and Batter Stabilisation

final installation echuca project

The Project

In 2022, a stormwater detention basin project for a shopping centre development was undertaken by a regional contractor, showcasing a significant infrastructure development in the area.

The Challenge

The contractor faced a daunting task: designing and implementing a stormwater detention bio-filtration basin for a new shopping centre development. The primary goal was to store 550,000L of water during heavy stormwater events. This design required the collection of stormwater from various site locations, filtration through sand/gravel layers, an eventual release into council assets. However, the project presented significant challenges, particularly with the 1:1 batter angles and basin depth. These factors threatened to reduce stormwater detention capacity and posed difficulties in batter stabilisation.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, the contractor turned to Polyfabrics’ advanced solutions. The integration of Polyfabrics products played a pivotal role in overcoming the project’s obstacles:

  • Mastatank Stormwater Tanks: Utilised at the basin’s bottom, these tanks provided an additional 30,000L of stormwater detention capacity. This increase was crucial in managing the substantial volume of water expected during heavy rainfalls.
  • Geomasta Bio-Liner and Mastatex (PET) Non-woven Geotextile: These materials were essential in enhancing the filtration process, ensuring effective water cleansing before it was released to council assets.
  • Bentoliner Geosynthetic Clay Liner and Eroweb Geocell: Applied on the batter, these products offered impermeability and effectively held the sand, gravel, and soil stabilisation medium in place, even on the challenging 1:1 batter slopes.
  • Tecmat Jute 750gsm: The slopes were planted with tube stock, providing long-term batter stabilisation. Additionally, Polyfabrics Tecmat Jute 750gsm was installed to prevent temporary batter surface erosion while the plantation became established.

The Result

The integration of Polyfabrics’ solutions was a resounding success. Not only did it address the initial challenges, but it also provided long-term, sustainable solutions for stormwater management and batter stabilisation. The project’s success is a testament to the effectiveness of Polyfabrics products in complex, environmentally sensitive projects.

Ready to embark on your next project with confidence? Reach out to us! Our team of experts is eager to assist you in finding the perfect solutions for your unique challenges. Whether it’s stormwater management, batter stabilisation, or other complex infrastructure needs, we have the expertise and innovative products to help you succeed. Don’t hesitate – contact us today!

Photo Gallery

stormwater basin project soil preparation
excavation for stormwater tanks
clay liner and geotextile at echuca
jutemat applied on slopes
final jute mat installation echuca
nonwoven geotextile for echuca basin project
bioliner for stormwater detention basin
stormwater tanks use in echuca
final installation echuca project
geocell applied on the batter
echuca geocell project end image
stormwater project at echuca
geocell and jute mat installation
geosynthetic clay liner at echuca
geotextile nonwoven used for filtration

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