Straight line of coir logs
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How to install coir logs on embankments

Straight line of coir logs

Correct installation for EcoLog coir fibre logs

Installing coir logs for embankment stabilisation: 

Correctly installing your coir logs will ensure long term protection against erosion. This simple 4-step process is the recommended method of placing coir logs on slopes before planting out with vegetation. 

1. Prepare the embankment

2. The coir logs should be installed one above the other at an incline of approximately 45°, with the earth well compacted behind each level

3. It is recommended that timber stakes be placed at 1m intervals or closer if required

4. Once the logs are in place, the area should be planted with vegetation which, over time, will form the foundation for the new, rejuvenated riverbank.

What are coir logs used for?

EcoLog coir logs help to stabilise banks and allow vegetation to establish. The coir fibre log accumulates sediment and slowly degrades as plant roots develop. Once plants are well established, they become the stabilising element, with coir logs fully decomposing within 5 – 10 years. 

Polyfabrics EcoLogs are available in 3m long x 200mm or 300mm diameter logs, as well as a smaller 200mm x 1.5m long option.

Ideal for aquatic and wetland environments

Planting out the area is highly recommended for long term erosion control. As the coir logs begin to biodegrade, a well-established root system develops that will blend into aquatic environments and successfully hold banks and shorelines in place. 

This helps prevent further erosion by diminishing the force of waves and stream flow. Once wetland plants are established, the decomposed coconut fibre and coir twine also provide a natural habitat for wildlife.

Other applications for EcoLog coir logs

  • Water diversion
  • Sediment filtration
  • Spill containment
  • Stream bank stabilisation
  • Flood control
  • Preventing coastal erosion
  • Slope contouring

Polyfabrics is your local coir log supplier

Polyfabrics holds large quantities of stock of our EcoLog erosion control logs. We can ship fast to sites throughout Australia and offer competitive pricing and helpful advice. 

Contact the Polyfabrics team for more information or download the coir log spec sheet.

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