3 guys pushing concrete roll
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Installing concrete on a roll is easy with mastaTEX™

3 guys pushing concrete roll

mastaTEX ™ Concrete on a roll is the ideal channel lining solution for sites where receiving trucked-in premix concrete is impractical. 

In situations where reinforced concrete is not required, mastaTEX Concrete provides a reliable, rigid, long-term and erosion control barrier. Requiring little site preparation, the concrete-impregnated geotextile is easy to simply roll out in the trench, hydrate and leave to dry. 

This provides contractors with a unique solution for remote, hard to access sites where no local concrete batching plant is available. 

A fast and flexible solution.

mastaTEX ™ Concrete is a needle punched composite, consisting of concrete-sand mix embedded and fixed between two layers of geotextile. Combining the strength of concrete and the flexibility of the geotextile layer, mastaTEX ™Concrete enables you to deliver faster projects by removing the need for slow premixed concrete processes. 

With a shorter initial cure time than traditional concrete, mastaTEX™ Concrete on a roll is ready for use within 24 hours. Full strength is achieved after 28 days in typical environmental conditions, however, the 24-hour set time means you can return to the site a day later to continue with other parts of the project such as installing coir mesh and planting out, without the inconvenience of large slabs of soft, curing concrete. 

How to use mastaTEX™ Concrete

mastaTEX™Concrete is simply rolled out on site and hydrated with water to activate the concrete mixture. Achieving initial cure within 24 hours, it is an easy way to transport and place concrete in challenging locations. 

1. Roll the product out into the trench

Removing the need for multiple concrete mixers to be scheduled for the project, mastaTEX™ can be installed by hand, however it is easier to take advantage of a dispensing tool and a front end loader or similar earthmoving equipment. 

Using a geotextile lifting device allows the product to be suspended and pulled out like paper towel, so contractors can roll it easily into place. With the geomembrane side facing down (iff applicable), mastaTEX™ Concrete is placed into the trench safely with the assistance of the loader. 

If the project covers a large area and multiple rolls are required, they can be overlapped like scales or roof tiles, starting at the lower end of the watercourse and overlapping against the slope, anchoring at the top. 

2. Lay it flat, without any folds

Whether you’re using a little or a lot, it’s important to install mastaTEX™ Concrete without wrinkles or folds to ensure a high-quality result. An even trench profile and smooth surface without large rocks or sharp objects provides a good base for a successful installation. 

3. Hydrate any joins to secure them

Once in position, it’s time to hydrate the material: overlapped areas should also be sprayed with water to ensure they adhere to the adjoining layers and provide a reliable base. Once sprayed, the material remains flexible for a few hours allowing for minor adjustments to be made. 

4. Hydrate the entire installation 

After fixing and connecting mastaTEX™ Concrete, spray it with water using a 1:2 ratio of water to mass. After an hour, spray again to ensure adequate hydration.

5. Leave to cure

mastaTEX™ Concrete should not be moved once the curing process has begun. It’s important not to walk on the product until it is fully set: curing begins in 90 minutes and hardens within 24 hours, reaching its full potential in 28 days. If the concrete does not hydrate properly, it can simply be sprayed again with water.

How to use mastaTEX™ Concrete

This versatile concrete geotextile is perfect for channels, swales, landscaping projects and erosion control applications where reinforced concrete is not necessary. Projects such as  embankment surface protection, replacing shotcrete, lining bunds and stabilising slopes can all benefit from the ease and convenience of mastaTEX™ Concrete. 

For more information, take a look at the product specifications or contact our team for advice and technical support.

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