flexible pavement performance with geogrids
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Maximising flexible pavement performance with Geogrids: A guide to effective subgrade/sub-base/soil reinforcement

flexible pavement performance with geogrids

Geogrids are a type of geosynthetic material that are widely used for soil reinforcement and stabilisation in various civil engineering projects such as roadways, retaining walls and slopes. Their popularity has significantly increased in recent years due to the numerous benefits they offer.

One of the main advantages of using geogrids for ground improvement is their ability to interlock with soil particles. The interlocking nature of geogrids provides lateral restraint to resist movement, which in turn increases shear stress resistance. This is particularly important in civil engineering projects where soil erosion and ground instability can lead to structural damage, which can be expensive to repair.

Moreover, geogrids can significantly enhance the performance of unpaved or paved flexible pavement. Geogrids help distribute loads more evenly, reducing the risk of rutting and bearing failure. When heavy loads are placed on a road, the weight causes the soil underneath the pavement to deform and shift, leading to uneven settlement and rutting. Geocomposites (geogrid bonded with geotextile) act as a separator, keeping the layers of soil separate and reducing the amount of heaving that occurs. This, in turn, helps to maintain the integrity of the road surface, leading to improved serviceability and overall health of the pavement.

Another advantage of using geogrids is their ability to reduce the initial cost of construction. By reducing the sub-base thickness required, using geogrids can help to lower the total amount of construction material needed for a road, which translates to reduced material and labour costs. Additionally, since geogrids help to stabilize the soil, they reduce the need for costly maintenance repairs over time, saving the project owner money in the long run.

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