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What are turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) and how do they work?

Turf Reinforcement Mats

What are TRMs?

Turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) are a type of rolled erosion control product (RECP), a ground support material that can be produced in a wide variety of types and configurations. 

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) are a subset of RECPs consisting of permanent, structurally stable products. These woven filament mats are used to provide immediate erosion control and long-term vegetation support and reinforcement. 

How do TRMs work? 

By providing a permanent, structural matrix that is secured to the ground surface, TRMs create a systemic erosion control installation utilising the root systems of individual plants.

TRMs function in a similar way to rebar reinforcement in concrete, creating a structure that the surrounding material can adhere to. 

By securing plant stems and protecting plant roots, the reinforced system is capable of resisting greater hydraulic forces and reducing vegetal fatigue. 

Turf reinforcement mats for erosion control

Manufactured from a thick synthetic thread woven into a lofty, three-dimensional pattern, turf reinforcement mats provide excellent erosion control and turf reinforcement properties, while maintaining an open matrix to allow for the establishment of vegetation. 

As the surrounding vegetation grows and matures inside the matrix of the material, individual plants are well secured, and their roots and stems are incorporated into a systemic erosion control matting. 

Seedlings are protected and mature vegetation benefits from the long-term durability of the material, resisting chemical, biological, physical and ultraviolet damage.

TerraMat Turf Reinforcement Mats

Polyfabrics supplies the TerraMat range of TRMs: a synthetic, UV stable, High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) manufactured by weaving continuous, synthetic thread elements. The result is a woven, homogeneous, single layer HPTRM that contains no lamination or stitching. 

The proprietary manufacturing process of TerraMat yields a material that provides outstanding strength at low strain, meaning more strength, faster. The range is available in several different variants: 

  • TerraMat® PP5 XT™ Turf Reinforcement Mat is a high-performance and highly durable matting made from continuously woven synthetic thread, structured in a 3D pattern.
  • TerraMat Grass Turf Reinforcement Mat is a lightweight erosion control solution providing permanent erosion control on slopes, river banks, channels and other erosion-prone areas. It is made from uniformly distributed 100% green polypropylene synthetic UV stabilised fibres needle-punched together on a scrim base.
  • TerraMat® ReinforceX (RF80) is a three-dimensional geocomposite mat with a double twisted steel woven wire or PVC coated mesh. This product is designed to provide increased slope friction between low friction angle surfaces, making it suitable for steep embankments and slopes.
  • TerraMat® PP5-10™ is an extremely strong TRM made from a matrix of polypropylene fibres stitched between two UV stabilised, heavy-duty synthetic nets. It provides utility in ground securing and performance under the most extreme conditions.

Contact Polyfabrics for advice on turf reinforcement mats

We supply a wide range of TRMs and erosion control products to the civil engineering, landscape and building construction industries. Our in-house team of technical engineers and consultants can provide the right solutions for your next project – contact us today for support and advice. 

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