Efficient Bridge Upgrade Support
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Fast and cost-effective hardstand construction in Dandenong

Efficient Bridge Upgrade Support

The Project

The Frankston-Dandenong Rd Bridge – Pound Road West upgrade is currently under construction in Victoria. This upgrade involves resurfacing the 1950s-built road bridge over the Cranbourne and Pakenham rail lines.

The bridge upgrade aims to deliver strengthening works underneath the bridge and will ultimately provide a stronger bridge that will last decades into the future.

The Challenges

As part of this project, the contractor needed to create a temporary hardstand over the existing ground to ensure strength and stability for trucks and earthmoving equipment. 

As the area only needed to be temporarily reinforced, the contractor looked for a solution that did not involve time-consuming and invasive excavation, but would still provide the necessary reinforcement. 

Our Solution

The team at Polyfabrics was on hand to help the contractor deliver a quick and economical solution that could be built directly over the existing ground.

E’GRID 2020GT composite geogrid provided excellent separation and reinforcement when combined with 200mm of 20mm crushed rock pavement. E’GRID is designed to distribute and disperse loads, therefore reducing stress concentration over the soil.

With structural junctions and rigid ribs, it helps lock in aggregate, increasing its shear resistance. This means that when subjected to vertical loads, the aggregate is restrained by the ribs reducing deformation. 

This polypropylene geogrid helps increase the bearing capacity of the soil, making it ideal for building a temporary handstand over existing ground without any excavation.

Geotextiles for hardstand projects

Contact the team at Polyfabrics for fast and cost-effective supply of geosynthetics for your rail, road, landscaping and infrastructure projects.

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