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Tailored Bio Basin Solutions For Efficient Urban Development

hdpe liner at jimboomba

The Project

The Village, Stage 1, is a residential subdivision development in Jimboomba. As with all urban development, it faced the challenge of managing and treating rainwater runoff effectively. To address this, the developers decided to incorporate bio basins, also known as bio-retention basins, as an integral part of the subdivision’s stormwater management system. Bio basins are vital in controlling the flow of stormwater runoff, improving water quality, recharging groundwater levels, preventing soil erosion, and contributing to the overall environmental health of residential subdivisions.

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was to find a solution that would be easy to install by the existing labour crew on site, without the need to engage external contractors. This requirement was intended to streamline the installation process and save on costs.

Our Solution

Polyfabrics, in collaboration with our client, Golding, supplied the ideal solution with our GEOmasta® Composite HDPE Bio-Liner. The bio-liner was custom-made to fit the specifications of the bio basins in The Village, Stage 1 development. With short lead times, the product was delivered quickly, allowing the construction schedule to proceed as planned.

The bio-liner was designed to be user-friendly, enabling the existing crew on site to install it without the need for specialised skills or external contractors. This approach not only saved on costs but also simplified the installation process. The crew could effectively fit out the bio basins with the GEOmasta® Composite HDPE Bio-Liner, ensuring a successful stormwater management solution for the residential subdivision.

Our Solution

Bio Basins, alternatively called bio-retention basins or bioretention areas, are stormwater management systems widely utilised in residential subdivisions to manage and treat rainwater runoff. Their main functions include:

  • Stormwater management
  • Water quality improvement
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Erosion control
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • Biodiversity promotion
  • Temperature regulation

Essentially, bio basins are instrumental in counteracting the adverse effects of urbanisation on natural water systems, significantly contributing to the environmental well-being of residential areas.

In The Village, Stage 1 development, the incorporation of bio basins with the GEOmasta® Composite HDPE Bio-Liner has significantly improved the overall environmental health of the residential subdivision. By installing our GEOmasta® Composite HDPE Bio-Liner, the developers have ensured that the bio basins function efficiently, contributing to a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing residential subdivision.

At Polyfabrics, we provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions tailored to your project’s needs. If you’re considering incorporating bio basins into your residential subdivision or other urban developments, trust us to deliver high-quality products with fast turnaround times and exceptional service. Let us be a part of your next project – contact us today.

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hdpe liner at jimboomba
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