Finished Ski Ramp
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Fast cost-effective Geosynthetic solution for Iconic Jindabyne Ski Ramp

Finished Ski Ramp

Erosion repair of Jindabyne Ski Ramp Facility
Client: R D Miller Pty Ltd
Products Used:

  • MastaTEX® Concrete on a roll
  • TerraMat® Grass

The Project

The newly opened Jindabyne ski ramp and airbag jump provides a year-round training ground for Australia’s elite winter athletes. The surrounding slope was suffering from erosion that was threatening the bespoke ramp.

The Challenges

The main challenge for this project was to quickly repair and future-proof the site in a fast, cost-effective manner. This needed to be achieved with minimal labour and machinery in a regional location.

Our Solution

The Polyfabrics team assessed the existing site and considered how geosynthetics could make a difference. The site was steep and large which meant that a traditional shotcrete solution would have been beyond the client’s budget. 

The Polyfabrics team suggested a combination approach to channelise the heavy water flow. This involved lining the flow path by hard armouring with mastaTEX® concrete on a roll, while the overland flow to the channels could be simply secured with TerraMat® Grass Turf Reinforcing Mat.

Both products are quick and easy to roll out with minimal labour and machinery. This meant that the client could avoid expensive plant float and large installation crews.

For specialist advice, trust Polyfabrics

The engineering team at Polyfabrics can suggest combinations of geosynthetics that deliver long-lasting and cost-effective results.

For further information or advice on the best geosynthetic solution for your project, contact Polyfabrics on 1300 287 484 or take a look at the specifications for TerraMat® Grass TRM and mastaTEX® Concrete. 

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Site Preservation for Ski ramp
Finished Ski Ramp
Jindabyne Ski Ramp erosion control
Efficient Slope Stabilization
Jindabyne Ski Ramp Protection
Rapid Erosion Fix with Geotextiles
Erosion Repair for Jindabyne Ski Ramp

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