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Lining existing drains for Mansfield Reservoir 3 Remediation Works

Mastatex Concrete Roll

The Project

Polyfabrics Australia was involved in the Mansfield Reservoir 3 Remediation Works at Goulburn Valley Water. The project aimed to clean, reshape, and line existing drains that ranged from 1.5m – 6m wide x 350m long. The goal was to find a cost-effective and faster method of concreting the existing drains that would also reduce waste and installation time.

The Challenges

The existing drains were required to be cleaned, reshaped, and lined with concrete. The traditional method of lining the drains with shotcreting spray would have been costly and time-consuming. The client needed an alternative method that would be more cost-effective, faster, and easier to install, while also reducing waste and improving safety on the site.

Our Solution

Polyfabrics MastaTex Concrete 40mPa – 10mm thick variant was the ideal solution for lining the existing channel drains. The MastaTex Concrete on a roll was more cost-effective and faster to install than traditional shotcreting spray methods. It offered a durable and long-lasting concrete lining that met the client’s requirements.

The rolls of MastaTex Concrete came in 2.5m and 5m widths that were used to line the drains ranging from 2.5m – 6m widths. This resulted in huge cost savings as MTC was cheaper to supply and install per sqm compared to traditional shotcreting spray methods. Additionally, the client was able to save on installation costs as they were able to install the rolls supplied themselves without any need for specialist crew and transport costs.

Polyfabrics supplied a dispenser frame to which the concrete rolls were threaded for quick and efficient deployment. The use of MastaTex Concrete also reduced the amount of waste generated on the site, resulting in a cleaner and safer work environment.

Polyfabrics MastaTex Concrete is a cementitious geocomposite designed specifically for use in concrete lining, reinforcement and erosion control applications. It is made from a layer of cement-sand mix between two layers of polypropylene geotextile maintained by an intense needling made in the plat to allow the fibres to bind the to geotextile layers together, strengthen the base of the mortar and make the product workable. Once implemented, the product is hydrated by watering to react and form a layer of resistant concrete reinforced with fibres.

Concrete application illustration

We are proud to have been part of this project which is a testament to how geosynthetics can be used to provide innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges while ensuring that the project’s objectives are met. If you would like to know more about this project or the products used, our expert team are ready to help! Give us a call on 1300 287 or email

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Cost-effective Concrete Roll
MastaTex concrete crack prevention solution
Innovative Drain Lining Mastatex
MastaTex concrete erosion control solution
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Mastatex Concrete Roll
Polyfabrics Solution: Efficient Mastatex Concrete
MastaTex Concrete: Drain Lining Success

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