aerial shot of the road improvement
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Melbourne Road Intersection Upgrade, Gisborne

aerial shot of the road improvement

The Project

The Victorian Government is investing $12.5 million in this intersection upgrade at Gisborne to improve safety, capacity and traffic flow. 

Melbourne Road is the main connection from Gisborne to the Calder Freeway and onto Melbourne, and the intersection is a major entry point to Gisborne from the growing northeast communities.

At present, the intersection is located on a bend and has poor visibility making it difficult for traffic to enter and exit safely. In addition, it lacks connections for pedestrians and cyclists and can be difficult to navigate for drivers unfamiliar with the area.

The Challenges

The intersection upgrade work required an existing VicRoads car park to be relocated before site excavation and corresponding works could commence. 

The relocation site allocated for the new carpark was deemed an Aboriginal Heritage site, meaning that the contractor was not allowed to perform any excavation on site for subgrade preparation for car park pavement construction. 

The contractor needed a new non-invasive solution that could be installed quickly to keep the project on schedule.

Our Solution

The Polyfabrics team supplied mastaGRID® 4040GT, a composite biaxial geogrid ideal for separation, filtration and reinforcement. When installed with 200mm of 40mm crushed rock, the reinforced geogrid surface allowed the contractor to successfully construct a car park pavement directly over the grass field as required.  

Our engineering team assisted the contractor to overcome the issue of the weak subgrade and low soil shear strength, while still constructing the pavement on time and as per the design.  

This resulted in a huge cost saving for the customer by eliminating the need for additional excavation and bringing in imported fill, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. The solution was easy to install and the project was completed without delays. 

Get advice and solutions from Polyfabrics – get in touch with our technical team for support, or find out more about mastaGRID® 4040GT here. 

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Geogrid-Paved Car Park Solution
Intersection Upgrade Success
Innovative Geogrid Pavement
aerial shot of the road improvement

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