western sydney airport project
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Getting it done for the Western Sydney Airport Project

western sydney airport project

The Project

Here at Polyfabrics, we thrive on challenges as they provide us with an opportunity to demonstrate our efficient get it done service. That’s why when CPB Acciona JV approached us for their geotextile material requirement for the Western Sydney Airport project, we were excited to offer our help and support. The project required large volumes of high quality Orange Marker Geotextile that was to be NATA tested prior to acceptance.

The Challenge

The Project Specifiers had nominated a bespoke high quality Orange Marker Layer geotextile. However, the large area of works that needed to be covered within a short time risked delaying the works which could result in substantial costs to the contractor.

Our Solution

Polyfabrics understood the urgency of the situation and swiftly devised a solution to meet the project’s demanding needs. Having delivered millions square metres of Orange Maker Layer Geotextile we knew we could simultaneously fast track manufacture, delivery, and testing. With the quantities previously manufactured and delivered we knew our Marker layer when NATA tested would pass the project specification. This ensured we delivered the high quality orange marker layer geotextile within the required timeframe.

Polyfabrics ability to deliver tailored solutions on time and within budget positions makes us as a trusted partner in the construction industry. We are proud of our contribution to the Western Sydney Airport project and look forward to continuing to drive innovation and efficiency in future collaborations.

If you’re embarking on your next project and require reliable solutions or expert advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to Polyfabrics. Our team of industry professionals is ready to assist you in achieving your project goals.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can help you succeed.

Photo Gallery

orange geotextile for western sydney airport
aerial view of hi-vis orange geotextile
high strength orange marker layer geotextile
geotextile used at western sydney airport
orange hi-vis geotextile

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