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Erosion Control for Penrith Flood Plains

Erosion Control Installation

Project: Penrith Flood Plains
Location: Nepean Riverbank NSW
Product: TerraMat® RF80

The Project

$35 million is set to be spent redeveloping Penrith’s Log Cabin Hotel which was originally burnt by fire in 2012. 

With recent floods impacting the Nepean River and flood plain areas, significant erosion occurred to embankments and other riverside sections. The customer was selected as a partner to complete the stabilisation works for the Log Cabin.

The Challenges

During the recent Hawkesbury Floods, parts of the embankment washed away which highlighted issues with weak stabilisation. The customer needed to find a way to stabilise the embankment to allow for building works and provide a lasting foundation for years to come.

Our Solution

TerraMat® RF80 is a high strength steel mesh with the ability to be used on steep slopes up to 70 degrees, with the aid of anchors. As it is supplied in wide rolls, TerraMat® allows for fast installation and reduced wastage. Also once vegetated, TerraMat® can slow down heavy rains and dissipate the energy of flowing water and wind. 

TerraMat® RF80 was selected as it provided the customer with a permanent embankment stabilisation product on which to build the foundation for the new Log Cabin.

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Erosion Control Installation
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