Water Management geogrid and drainage
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Stabilisation and Drainage Solutions for Victorian Rail Platform

Water Management geogrid and drainage

The Project

As part of the wide-ranging Level Crossing Removal Project in Victoria, a rail crossing is being removed in Manchester Road, Mooroolbark. In its place, an elevated rail platform is being constructed, featuring a parallel retaining wall structure that requires reliable stabilisation and drainage. 

The Level Crossing Removal Project aims to increase safety throughout Victoria by removing 85 level crossings. 60 individual crossings have already been replaced with safer and more practical infrastructure designs. 

The Challenges

At the Mooroolbark project, the contractor was engaged to build a retaining wall that was engineered with subgrade stabilisation and reinforcement in mind. Critically, the finished product needed to allow for adequate drainage behind the retaining wall structure in order to remove water and alleviate any hydrostatic pressure.

To deliver this project, a range of geosynthetics was required, including geogrid, strip drain and ag pipe. Polyfabrics was able to assist with fast and cost-effective supply. 

Our Solution

The engineering team at Polyfabrics supplied mastaGRID® 2020 GT geogrid which was used as stabilising geogrid under the capping material used to construct the elevated platform.

In addition, FreDrain® 100mm strip filters were installed vertically, behind the concrete retaining walls. This allowed water to make its way to the AGFLO® 160mm Agi pipe at the footing, collecting water and transporting it to a sump pit.

Products Used:

  • MastaGRID® 2020 GT
  • Fredrain® 100mm Strip Filter
  • AGFLO® ø 160mm Socked Agi Pipe

At Polyfabrics, our geosynthetic engineering team can offer advice on a wide range of solutions for road and rail projects, as well as many other applications. Get in touch with our specialist team to find out more.

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Water Management geogrid and drainage
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