Concrete Roll Birkdale Waste Transfer Station
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mastaTEX® Concrete, Redlands Council Queensland

Concrete Roll Birkdale Waste Transfer Station

Project: Redlands Council Landfill Cap Swale Drain
Location: Birkdale Waste Transfer Station, QLD
mastaTEX® Concrete (Concrete on a Roll)

The Project

Redland City Council is constructing a bypass lane at Birkdale Waste Transfer Station to accommodate increasing traffic flow at peak times due to population growth and site visitation. Council has made the decision to close the Birkdale tip for this period to reduce traffic management risks to the public and to ensure project outcomes are delivered on time and within budget.

The Challenges

Further works at the Transfer Station also included a Stormwater diversion drain which will cope with a large runoff in a high rainfall event. This drain had to be constructed as quickly as possible to allow the tip to reopen again following construction.

Our Solution

Redland City Council selected mastaTEX Concrete 10mm as the ideal solution. Durable, fast, and cost-effective to install, the 5m wide rolls suited the drain width perfectly meaning there was no need for the extensive overlapping and sealing required with other GCCM products.

Key Benefits

  • Faster installation and less wastage
  • Excellent chemical resistance when hydrated
  • Ideal for surface slope stabilisation, swale drains

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mastaTEX® Concrete 40MPA Roll 10mm – 2.5m x 20m

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