River Valley Stabilization Solution
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Quarry face earth buttress stabilisation for River Valley Stage 7D development

River Valley Stabilization Solution

The Project

River Valley is a master-planned community located on the Maribyrnong river, with the Stage 7D tranche consisting of 10 lots earmarked for residential homes. 

Offered by Riverside Developments, the site is located alongside an old quarry face which will eventually be transformed into a landscaped retaining wall easement prior to the release of house and land packages.

The Challenges

The site sits alongside the retired quarry face, which required earth buttress stabilisation. The weak in situ subgrade in the area required geogrid stabilisation under the compacted separation fill, which would in turn form the new design subgrade. 

The local contractor needed to source a geogrid solution that could help them address this low CBR soil quickly and efficiently, without the need for trucking in large quantities of imported fill. 

Our Solution

Polyfabrics Terragrid 100/100 PET geogrid was chosen for its excellent short-term working strength and high ultimate tensile strength.

By using Polyfabrics Terragrid 100/100 geogrid with 250mm of Type 5 engineered fill, the contractor could successfully construct the design subgrade directly over the weak in situ subgrade. TerraGrid HSG is typically used to reinforce soils where extremely high tensile strength with low elongation is required making it suitable for solving complex engineering problems such as reinforcement of granular soils, embankments, retaining structures, piling platforms and of course, subgrade improvement. 

Ultimately, we were able to assist the contractor to overcome the issue of the weak subgrade and low soil shear strength while still being able to construct the subgrade pavement as per the design. 

This resulted in significant cost savings for the customer in terms of additional excavation and bringing in imported fill. Plus, we were able to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the project, as well as eliminate potential delays with our quick and simple solution.

To find out how Polyfabrics can help keep your project on time and on budget, get in touch with our technical team. 

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River Valley Stabilization Solution
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Polyfabrics Terragrid 100/100 Solution
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Geogrid Subgrade Stabilization
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