Terrastop® PP 80: Paving Support
Case Studies

Terrastop® PP80 Woven Geotextile used for driveway subgrade improvement

Terrastop® PP 80: Paving Support

The Project

The homeowners of a private residential area in Newcastle were looking to build a new carpark and driveway over soft ground. The contractor in charge of the project needed to find a cost-effective reinforcement solution that could improve soft spots and separate the existing soft ground from the first layer of road subbase. 

Our Solution

The Polyfabrics team was able to assist the contractor with a geosynthetic product that could deliver reinforcement properties to bridge the soft subgrade spots, and also act as a separation layer – all without breaking the bank. 

Our high-strength woven biaxial Terrastop from our geotextile range delivers high early tensile strength to effectively bridge soft spots, while still separating the subbase from the subgrade.

About TerraStop® PP 80 Woven

TerraStop® PP 80 Woven geotextiles are used for separation, reinforcement and stabilisation in the construction of pavements. The separation action prevents the mixing of dissimilar soils, allowing each layer in the pavement structure to function as intended. 

The high tensile strength and low elongation properties of TerraStop® PP 80 Woven Geotextiles provide reinforcement and stability into the pavement section, reducing rutting and extending pavement life.

TerraStop® PP 80 Woven Geotextiles are manufactured from durable, high-modulus PP yarns and woven into a robust, dimensionally stable geotextile.

To find out more about the right geosynthetic solutions for your next paving project, get in touch with the engineering team at Polyfabrics. 

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Terrastop® PP 80: Paving Support
Soft Ground Reinforcement: Terrastop® PP 80
Geosynthetic Paving Solution
Terrastop® PP 80: Ground Reinforcement

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