Sub-soil drainage
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The Coal Loader Project, Waverton

Sub-soil drainage

Project: Coal Loader project
Location: Waverton, NSW
Contractor: Glascott Landscape & Civil
Product: Drain-Cel® and TerraStop® F Range

Project Overview

A former industrial site in Waverton, New South Wales which had been primarily used as a coal loading platform was being transformed into a multipurpose recreational space featuring one of Sydney’s largest public green roofs. As a historical site in operation since the early 1920’s, the one-hectare sized platform was used to transfer coal from large ships to smaller vessels and road vehicles.

Now a public events and entertainment space, the green roof houses community ‘urban harvest’ plots are irrigated by recycled storm water, a performance and exhibition space and extensive seating and viewing areas.

Polyfabrics was contracted by Glascott Landscape & Civil to provide a drainage solution that could be installed in the planter boxes on the western edge of the platform. The contractor was looking for a product that was lightweight, easy to install and most importantly, efficient.

Key Challenges

As the project was located on the waterfront in Waverton, North Sydney, the contractor faced significant challenges for the delivery of and storage of materials. The site was re-purposed to become a “sustainability centre”. The old coal loading platform was reimagined as a public green roof space, with the design guided by the idea of “urban harvest.” All of the vegetation on the platform is irrigated by recycled storm water. The water is captured and fed via biofilters into tanks housed in the old tunnels below.

The Solution

Polyfabrics recommended using Drain-Cel® for this project as it is a perfect solution for sub-soil drainage and helps landscapers to make use of mature plants on a roof garden. The contractor opted for the 50mm profile due to its impressive flowrate (>23.5 l/m2/s @ 1% gradient) and high compressive strength (>225 t/m2).

Drain-Cel® is made from environmentally friendly recycled polypropylene and is easy to install. Drain-Cel®’s durable, lightweight and modular form helped reduce delivery and storage challenges for the contractor, and also saved a substantial amount of time.

Critical to the performance of Drain-Cel® was the TerraStop® F Range, a non-woven needle punched geotextile made from polyester. It prevents the ingression of fine media into the drainage system, especially important for this project as all vegetation is irrigated using recycled water.

The two products, Drain-Cel® and TerraStop® F Range, used together also allowed the contractor to install mature plants in heavy steel planter boxes.

For Polyfabrics Australasia, it was especially fulfilling to provide a key component to a major project actively promoting sustainability & community engagement.

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