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Working Platform Stabilisation with TerraGrid

Ford Civil Project

Project: Ground stabilisation for working platform, NSW
Product Supplied: TerraGrid® PET 200/200 Biaxial Geogrid
Time period: Early 2021

The Project

A well-known civil contractor required a working platform to be constructed for this project in NSW. Working platforms are temporary pads that are reinforced to support the considerable weight of cranes or piling rigs whilst drilling or construction is taking place. 

This working platform required geogrid reinforced layers of subbase over subgrade to allow the heavy machinery to operate safely.

The Challenges

The contractor was under pressure to get the project completed and needed a solution that was fit for purpose and could be delivered quickly. Polyfabrics had geogrid in stock that fit the specification and could be dispatched to site immediately.

Our Solution

TerraGrid® PET 200/200 Biaxial Geogrid was a suitable choice to reinforce this working platform. 

Made from high tenacity polyester yarns in both machine (MD) and cross-machine (CMD) directions, this geogrid achieves ultimate tensile strengths up to 200 kN/m in both MD and CMD directions. 

TerraGrid® PET 200/200 Biaxial Geogrid is a flexible geogrid product available in wide rolls for fast installation. With design tensile strengths in accordance with AS 4678 or BS 8006, it is an ideal choice for civil contractors building crane and piling rig platforms and a host of other applications. 

A versatile product for uniaxial and biaxial strength applications, TerraGrid® PET has a high tensile modulus resulting in low deformations and settlements in structures. Its ultra-high tensile strength is perfect for extremely soft soil and poor ground conditions, and it is compliant to NSW RMS R67 and Qld MRTS 100 High Strength Geotextile Quality Standards. 

For further technical assistance contact the Polyfabrics team on 1300 287 484 or view specifications on our full range of geogrid products online.

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