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Benefits of a TerraLock Twist Pin

Terralock Pin

Polyfabrics supplies the popular 200mm long TL-P1 anchor pin, designed to hold all types of erosion control and soil stabilisation blanket matting securely in place. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using TerraLock pins in civil and landscaping projects using geosynthetics. 

What does a Terra-Lock Pin Do?

These high load ground anchoring pins are designed to hold all types of turf reinforcement matting, erosion control blankets, geotextiles and landscaping fabrics. The TL-P1 pins supplied by Polyfabrics are designed to be used in soft ground.

TerraLock pins are designed in a unique corkscrew shape making them strong enough to hold ground matting products firmly in place. Installed using an electric drill and custom chuck, they can be installed to full depth without damaging the mat.

An integrated top coil form eliminates the need for a washer, spreads the load and helps secure the matting in place.

Compared to a traditional 200mm U pin, the TL-P1 is 3 times stronger in loam soil, and 6 times stronger in clay and sand.

Benefits of ground anchoring pins

Choosing TL-P1 ground anchoring pins for your next project can have many benefits including: 

  • Fast installation – up to three times quicker than other similar methods
  • Reduced labour costs associated with reworking loose pins or replacing pins that have fallen out
  • Superior pull-out performance compared to traditional pins and stakes
  • Ensures close contact between the matting and soil
  • Designed to eliminate damage to the mat
  • Removes the need for a separate washer
  • Easy installation with a standard electric drill and special chuck
  • Aesthetic benefits – the low profile pin sits neatly on the surface
  • Lightweight and easy system minimises safety issues
  • Potential CO2 reduction in transport and packaging – TerraLock pins are compact and lightweight 

How to install geosynthetics with TerraLock pins

  • Fit the custom TerraLock chuck onto the end of a standard electric drill
  • Insert the head of the TerraLock pin into the recessed area of the chuck. The chuck has a shroud that fits around the head of the TL Pin to ensure it doesn’t bend while drilling into the ground.
  • Drill the pin into the ground mat using downward pressure
  • The coil at the head of the pin remains above the mat, holding it in place. 

Get your ground anchors and geosynthetic pins from Polyfabrics

We supply a range of different retaining pins for different applications. Get in touch with our team for more information or to place an order. 

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